Bunk bed | Kid's bed

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It is normally used in the kid’s room. Most of the Bunk bed cot has more than one layer. Family with more than 1 kid prefer such cots due to lack of space in the room.

Normally the size of the bunk bed is 39″ × 75″ inches. The Number of mattresses depends on the layers of a Bunk bed.

Product Description 

  • Style Modern
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Flooring Material Yes
  • Recommended Size 39" × 75"
  • Size Height Standard
  • Get it designed with Plywood (Century Ply) /Engineered wood (Green Ply) c
  • Accessorieswill be charged extra. 
  • Hardware Fixtures (Ozone). 
  • Laminate Finishes (Merino, GreenLam or equivalent)

Product Details

  • Width:39” | 99 cm
  • Length:75” | 190 cm
  • India: 39"×75” | 99 cm × 190 cm
Standard uses Master bedrooms, couples with kids and/or pets.
Note: Electrical Fixtures in the image are just for reference purpose.