Modular L-Shaped Kitchen

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L-Shape Kitchens are common kitchen layouts that use two adjacent walls, or an L configuration, to efficiently organize the various kitchen fixtures. Flexible for multiple variations of lengths and depths, L-Shape Kitchen designs often incorporate additional Island Counters (rectangle, square) for increased work space and table surfaces. 

A minimum clearance aisle of 3’6” (1.07 m) is required in front of the L-Shape layout, with recommended widths from 4’-6’ (1.2-1.8 m). L-Shape Kitchens have long linear lengths that range from 8’-13’ (2.4-4 m) and short lengths of 3’-9’ (.9-2.7 m). L-Shape Kitchens should be planned with an overall area of roughly 111 ft2 (10.3 m2). 

Product Description

  • Modular L-Shaped Kitchen.
  • Get it designed with Plywood (Century Ply) /Engineered wood (Green Ply) 
  • Baskets and other accessories will be charged extra.
  • Hardware Fixtures (Ozone).
  • Laminate Finishes (Merino, GreenLam or equivalent)

Product Details

  • Width: 12’10” | 3.91 m
  • Depth: 8’8” | 2.64 m
  • Counter Depth: 2’ | .61 m
  • Area: 111 ft2 | 10.3 m2

Note: Electrical Fixtures in the image are just for reference purpose.