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Sideboards , also commonly known as Credenzas, are furniture pieces that function as a form of storage and a table surface. While credenzas were once used primarily as decorative elements in support of dining areas, they are now used to serve a variety of rooms from office conference rooms, to living rooms, home offices, and bedrooms. 

Sideboards have overall tabletop heights between 20”-36” (51-91.4 cm) that vary to support a range of dining room settings, aesthetics, and functions. -

Product Description

  • Sideboards cabinate.
  • Get it designed with Plywood (Century Ply) /Engineered wood (Green Ply) 
  • Drawer channels, hinges and other accessories will be charged extra.
  • Hardware Fixtures (Ozone).
  • Laminate Finishes (Merino, GreenLam or equivalent)

Product Details

  • Height: 20"-36"

Note: Electrical Fixtures in the image are just for reference purpose.